Video Testimonials

"I made a shift in how I love my body."

It used to be just a body and I hated it. When I looked in the mirror this morning, it was for the first time in my life that I acutally liked what I saw and I loved my body.
~ Barbera

"I feel so grateful."

I recommend this activity for those who want to find a different way to approach their relationships, with others, but mostly with themselves.
~ Mau

"I feel freedom to be myself."

They created a really safe space for all to explore ourselves in differnt ways. I feel freedom to be myself, to move my body and share my words.
~ Katie

"I feel like a new person."

It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my chest and body. I feel light and born again. I feel like a new person, with a new sense of purpose and perspective .
~ Jason

"It was magical."

It was magical and life changing, I would do it in a heartbeat again. I discovered such a self-confidence in romance, business and other relationships.
~ Olga

"I feel an acceptance of being."

It was very transformative and healed me very much. Now I feel this silence inside me, an acceptance of being.
~ Simon

"A safe space to share what's inside"

It was amazing to participate for me. Being here, creating this safe space for us to share all that is inside of us. Afterwards, you feel so light and so connected to you emotions.
~ Irene

"I feel aligned with my soul."

I'm learning new ways of Tantra and of being happy, and free. I feel myself and my body being aligned with my soul.
~ Serkan

"It changed my outlook on life."

My experience has been transformative, it completely changed my outlook on life. I let go of past trauma with my parents, embodied my feminine energy, and let go of my need for control.
~ Claudia

"I found a way to access my emotions."

I came here to have better access to my emotions and, definitely, I have found a way to activate all kinds of emotions. I understood now that there's only an access in accepting them all.
~ Sascha

"I'm full of passion, pleasure and joy."

It was quite impactful and powerful for me. It has been such a beautiful journey. I'm so grateful and full of passion, full of pleasure and joy.
~ Jasmine


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