The Person Who Wants It All

The evolution retreat is for the person who wants to uplevel every aspect of their life in one weekend. They want freedom, love, wealth, happiness, and true confidence. They want to have control of their emotions, they want to have freedom in their sexuality, and they want to love and be connected to their soul.

Influences Suppress Authenticity

The challenge is we are so influenced by cultural beliefs, childhood experiences and conditioning that we can't quite put everything together. We feel judged when we express ourselves. We feel tired, or bored, or distracted when completing work. We feel uneasy approaching or asking out our dream partner. Life just isn’t headed in the direction we want it to and we’re not sure why or how you can fix it.

We've Been Through it All

We spent years facing failure, toxic relationships, depression, and monotony. We tried everything - books, seminars, therapy, spirituality - but it wasn’t until we discovered Tantra that everything fell into place. After spending 5,000 hours in tantric spaces, and completely shifting our lives, we now offer the Evolution Retreat, as a culmination of the teachings that helped us the most.

At The Yum Tantra Evolution Retreat

We take a deep dive into all of the aspects in your life and uncover the emotions, beliefs & traumas that are preventing you from creating your dream life. In 4 days your life will become completely different. Not because we shifted the external world, but because you’ll completely transform your internal world that creates the external world.

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Dec 28th 2024 - Jan 3rd 2025

yumschool tantra retreat mexico
yumschool tantra retreat mexico
yumschool tantra retreat mexico

Can't make any of the locations above?

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