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  • Learn the secrets of the 5000 year old system that is taking the world by storm.
  • Leave with practical tools that help transform procrastination, boredom & sadness into focus, aliveness and joy!
  • Tools like catharsis movements backed by the latest science to release denser emotions to make room for the lighter emotions like motivation, creativity and joy!
  • Connect with others in a way that will teach you about yourself and improve your relationships with others.
  • Experience connection with others at a soul/energetic level without having to eye gaze or feel uncomfortable

Who are the Yum's?

Harrison & Alisa Yum met in the middle of their tantric journeys at a tantra retreat in Rome.

They continued their tantric work together, exploring 4 more lineages of tantra before feeling like they came to a peak in their journey and felt a strong sign that their next step was to share this medicine with others.

Since then Harrison & Alisa Yum have spent more than 5000 hours in tantric spaces as participants, assistants and facilitators. Together they have hosted 50 workshops and retreats as founders of the Yum School transforming the lives of thousands of participants. Most importantly, though, you can feel it in their energy that they live this work every day of their life.

Harrison & Alisa combine their backgrounds in science, clinical psychology, business, health, sex & relationship coaching, and personal development with their 5 lineages and package it all into powerful and uniquely life-changing experiences.

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