Do you find yourself unsure if you are this new person or the old one?


Is it difficult for you to relate to the world in your new state of being?


Can the old environment still influence you to return to your old ways of being?


Join the Yum School's Unleashing Retreat and complete your transformation!



The workshop will take place in the gorgeous Enxara Community Temple in Portugal's Southwest Atlantic Coast, 30 minutes away from Lisbon. This isolated evergreen valley creates an abundant oasis with beautiful terraces, fields and a biopool.
The Enxara Community run a retreat centre, nestled in nature and privacy. The luxury at Enxara is its Natural setting, the loving food and its inclusive informal atmosphere.
With these gorgeous accommodations, panoramic terraces, a biopool and delicious plant-based and organic meals you will be in bliss! 🌴☀️🥥

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8 AM - 9 AM
Active Meditation

9 AM - 10 PM

10 PM - 1 PM

1 PM - 3 PM

3 PM - 6 PM

6 PM - 8 PM

8 PM - 10 PM

10 PM - 11 PM
Celebration & Connection

Teachings per Day


Go through a process to release whats left over from the old self and come to a feeling of completion with that part of you.


Death is essential in the transformational process. When we're nothing, our possibilities are endless and our potential limitless.


Discover who you really are beneath your ego, your personality, your masks, your conditioning and your identity.


Heal all of the parts of your soul and rebuild yourself to get yourself ready to be reborn into a completely new person.


Be reborn as your authentic, new self and take your first steps into the world as this new person.

"It’s not that life is ever perfect.
It’s that you get to a point where you receive so much from any possible scenario life throws at you, that as long as you’re living, it seems like life is perfect. And then you can just surrender to life, because you know it will all be perfect anyway."

- Harrison Yum

Who are the Yum's?

Harrison & Alisa Yum met in the middle of their tantric journeys at a tantra retreat in Rome.

They continued their tantric work together, exploring 4 more lineages of tantra before feeling like they came to a peak in their journey and felt a strong sign that their next step was to share this medicine with others.

Since then Harrison & Alisa Yum have spent more than 5000 hours in tantric spaces as participants, assistants and facilitators. Together they have hosted 50 workshops and retreats as founders of the Yum School transforming the lives of thousands of participants. Most importantly, though, you can feel it in their energy that they live this work every day of their life.

Harrison & Alisa combine their backgrounds in science, clinical psychology, business, health, sex & relationship coaching, and personal development with their 5 lineages and package it all into powerful and uniquely life-changing experiences.


"Those 4 days changed my life and I found myself. I finally found truly Irina, that little girl. I found her needs, her fears, her desires, dreams and passion. I found this little QUEEN… inside me.

I REALISED how strong and soft I can be at the same time. And this is an amazing feeling for me.

I really need to thank Harrison and Alisa for their work, they are doing life changing things!"

- Irina

"Thank You Alisa and Harrison for letting me experience this extraordinary life changing retreat.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable at the beginning, but it was definitely worth it!

Would not have wanted to miss one minute. Looking forward to the next retreat."

- Olivier

I was a little bit afraid, because I didn't know what was going to happen. Harrison and Alisa provided so much safety that it really feels that I could be myself!

I made a shift in how I love my body. It used to be just a body and I hated it. When I looked in the mirror this morning, it was for the first time in my life that I acutally liked what I saw and I loved my body.

- Barbera

I would SO do it again.

I still feel the positive effects. I feel lighter, more balanced and better in tune with my self .

It is such an act of self love to do the retreat….enjoy!

- Jesper

Entrance To Your Unleashing

NOTE: Food and accommodations booked separately after securing your spot.

Individual Early Bird Unleashing Entrance Ticket

  • Includes access to the Aug 28 - Sep 01 workshop for 1 person ($1,197 value)
  • Does not include food or accommodations
  • Early Bird discount applied ($700 off)

$1197 $797

Secure your spot with a deposit of $297

Pair Early Bird Unleashing Entrance Tickets

  • Includes access to the Aug 28 - Sep 01 workshop for 2 people ($2,397 value)
  • Does not include food or accommodations
  • Partner discount applied ($300 off)
  • Early Bird discount applied ($800 off)

$2,397 $1,297

Secure your spot with a deposit of $597

10-Day Evolution & Unleashing Package

10-Day Evolution and Unleashing Package for 1

After securing level 1, use the link in your welcome email to finalize the package

  • $200 off the level two price
  • 2 nights accommodation between levels ($80)
  • 6 meals between levels ($120 value)
  • $400 in total benefits

10-Day Evolution and Unleashing Package for 2

After securing level 1, use the link in your welcome email to finalize the package

  • $300 off the level two price
  • 2 nights accommodation between levels ($80)
  • 6 meals between levels ($240 value)
  • $720 in total benefits

Food & Accommodations

NOTE: Partipants must stay at the venue.

Shared Room + Meals for One

  • Includes Shared Accommodation for 1 ($160)
  • Includes Food for 1 ($240)
  • Does not include entrance to the retreat

$399 USD

Private Room + Meals for One

  • Includes Private Accommodation for 1 ($460)
  • Includes Food for 1 ($240)
  • Does not include entrance to the retreat

$699 USD

Shared Room + Meals for Two

  • Includes 1 bed in a Shared Accommodation ($160)
  • Includes Food for 2 ($480)
  • Does not include entrance to the retreat

$639 USD

Private Room + Meals for Two

  • Includes Private Accommodation for 2 ($460)
  • Includes Food for 2 ($480)
  • Does not include entrance to the retreat

$939 USD


Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Tantra Retreats The Same?

An emphatic “No”.

Tantra has started to become very mainstream over the last years. Therefore, ‘Tantra’ is unfortunately sometimes only used as a buzz word. Many tantra retreats are unsafe, hyper-sexual, or focus solely on very light and shallow practices that don't represent Tantra very well.

At the Yum Tantra Evolution retreat, we put a lot of thought, effort and time into creating a safe space to go very deep into the transformational work. Tribe members who join our retreats often tell us how safe, seen, accepted and loved they felt in our container, which therefore transformed their life at a speed and intensity they have never transformed before.

I Want to Come But I'm Scared.

Don’t worry, that’s very common. There might be a part of you that feels a real calling to join us but there’s probably also a part of you that’s scared. The latter is often the part that's coming up with a million excuses as to why it's a bad idea. That part, your ego, is doing what it is designed to do: to protect you from the unfamiliar. Coming to our retreat seems threatening to your ego, because we'll actively try to release the parts of our egos that are holding us back in our lives.

We are very conscious about creating a safe and sacred container in our retreats, in which any doubts or fears will be heard and addressed. You will never be forced to participate in anything you don’t like, we are always here to talk about your fears and we are trained to support you through anything you might experience. You still want to talk to us beforehand to calm your nerves? Simply schedule a call with us and we’ll be happy to help!

Is Tantra Only About Sex?

Not at all. Tantra is a spiritual path rooted in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy to guide you to find and express your most authentic, conscious and divine self. Tantra is considered a study of energies, so there are practices that involve wakening up the life-force or kundalini energy inside of us through sexual connection but it is not at all defined by sexuality alone. Discovering your connection to spirit can be practiced without sexual intimacy or can even be done by yourself.

What Will We Do?

We hear this question a lot before our retreats. We offer a safe space with guided practices for self-exploration. One reason we don’t offer the exact program is because part of your experience is becoming comfortable with uncertainty. It is one of life’s greatest skills and something that you need to master to create the life of your dreams. The other reason we don’t offer the programming is because many people at the end of the retreats tell us that if they knew what we were going to do, they may not have been interested, but thank god they came because they have a completely new life.

What Is Tantra?

Tantra is the most ancient current system for self-discovery and self-understanding. It is a system of tools that help you release all of this baggage you carry with you from your upbringing, your programming and your culture.

Tantra provides you with tools to release all of this programming to find your true, authentic self and start living your life in a way that you can fill up with infinite energy. This energy will provide you with more joy, pleasure, freedom, love and inner power in your life.

Can I Attend Less Days?

The retreat is a highly crafted, very specific, 4-day journey that continues to build on itself to take you from your current life to the creation of your dream life. If you miss any of the 4 days the journey would be incomplete and the magic might not be happening.

Also, we take great care to set up a safe container in the beginning and we believe that it might disrupt the container if participants arrived and left at different times. Therefore, we ask that if you attend the retreat, you attend all 4 days, so that you go home fully evolved!

What If I Don't Feel Safe To Participate In Certain Exercises?

In a Yum Tantra event you will never be pressured to go beyond your boundaries. Every practice and exercise is an invitation to explore further and deeper, but it is always your choice. We will always promote you to go into yourselves and listen very closely where your boundaries are. You are always encouraged to state your concerns and boundaries and they will always be honored.
This can take different forms regarding your concerns: you might want to go less far as the exercise was explained, switch your partner, do an exercise alone or not do it at all.
Whatever feels good and safe for you, is exactly how you should participate in the practice.

Is Tantra Only For Couples?

Tantra as a spiritual path is first and foremost an individual journey to discover and transform yourself. The priority is always about your own growth, even if you are attending as a couple. Only if you allow your own transformation to take place are you able to also grow and strengthen your relationships.
However, if you are in a relationship, you are more than welcome to attend with your partner and enjoy this experience together. It is a beautiful opportunity to expand your understanding of your partner, see them move through a transformation and deepen your intimacy.
If you attend as a couple, you are, of course, always free to choose whether you want to practice an exercise with your partner or not.

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